Saturday, December 20, 2008

Charts Are Fun

Sometimes they're also a bit misleading. This one's probably a little suspect because obviously there are many factors left out. However, that being said - it's still a pretty stark reminder of just what is going down this year.

Click on it to get a better view - it's rather large.
The stats come from this article.

Well, as far as this bailout costing more than these other least we can justify it by pointing out how much more important financial institutions are, right? I mean, seriously, the Marshall Plan? Who cares about Europe immediately post-WWII? They turned out pretty socialist anyway, yeah? And the Louisiana Purchase? Bah. What good has ever come out of Louisiana? In fact, all they ever gave us was James Carville...not worth 217 trillion dollars. The Korean, Vietnam and Iraq wars? Worthless. NASA? Privatize it - we'd be vacationing on Mars today.

All in all, it's pretty clear that these other programs were less than worthy causes. No wonder our government has seen fit to spend more money on bailing out investment banks than it spent on all of these other things combined.